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AP US History Vocabulary & Terms
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Chapter 19 terms

Chapter 19 vocabulary & terms

*stalwarts - republicans; no change

*halfbreeds - republicans; for political reform

*mugwumps - in between; "on the fence"

*populists - for the greater population; remove corrupt leaders; help the poor; put people first

*greenbacks - for paper money; keep currency circulation

**tammany hall - democratic political machine; controlled dem. party nominations + patronage

***roscoe conkling - helped democratic campaigns; controlled political machine

***patronage - support, encouragement, privilage, financial aid

****anti-trust laws - prohibit monopolies and unfair buisness practices

*marcus hanna - rep. senator

*j.p. morgan - started general electric company

*james blain - rep. secretary of state

*james weaver - greenback/populist parties

**william jennings bryan - populist party; "free silver", anti-imperialism, trust busting

***wave the bloody shirt - reps call out dems for what happened in the south

*his fraudulency - rutherford hayes 19th president

**rum, romanism, rebellion - temperance, catholic, immigrants; dem slogan

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